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Societe Generale in Russia – leader on the car loan market

Rosbank and Rusfinance Bank (Societe Generale Group in Russia) were ranked 1st among banks by the volume of car loan portfolio for 2015, according to the information agency. Consolidated retail car loan portfolio of two banks totaled 111.8 bln rubles, thus allowing them to take a leading position in this market segment. The data was published in the rating of the Russian car loan banks as of 2015 results.

Societe Generale Group in Russia has also topped the ranking of banks by the number of car loans issued in 2015 to retail customers, totaling 80290 loans.

Andrey Sokolskiy, Member of Rosbank Management Board, Director of Retail Commercial Department: "Our strategy of the collaterized lending transformation to specialized subsidiaries has shown its effectiveness. Societe Generale Group in Russia has demonstrated strong performance in car lending against the background of operating costs reduction. We aim to further strengthen the synergy of Rosbank and Rusfinance Bank, as well as to continue developing attractive complex offerings for our customers, together with increasing the quality of customer service at the bank’s outlets".

Igor Vasiliev, Commercial Director of Rusfinance Bank: “Being a part of Societe Generale Group in Russia, we are truly glad that the company takes the leading position on car loan market in the country. We are grateful to all customers who have benefited from our products. The high position in the ranking is another one drive for the further development of our expertise and cooperation with leading automobile brands to provide our customers with high-quality credit products".

Rusfinance Bank acts as a car loan center of Societe Generale Group in Russia. This is a result of the Group's car loan business transformation, which was completed in July 2015. According to the Strategy of Societe Generale Group retail banking development in Russia for 2014-2017, Rosbank is the key universal bank of Societe Generale focusing on the complex daily banking transactional servicing. Rusfinance Bank centralizes and manages the relationship with car makers and dealers. At the same time, Rosbank continues proposing car loans to its customers in its outlets. This strategy allows to concentrate efforts to achieve the goals, increase the specialization and accelerate decision-making.

29 credit institutions took part in the ranking. The total volume of their car loan portfolios as of January 1, 2016 amounted to around 520 bln rubles. The survey took into account the volumes of car loan portfolios of the banks, the past due rate, the volumes and the number of the issued car loans.

For more information on the ranking of the Russian car loan banks for 2015 by please follow the link.

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