Subsidized car loans from Rosbank are again available

We have joined prolonged state car-loan subsidy program. The program covers foreign and Russian cars of B category produced in Russia in 2015 or 2016. Under the program the car loans rates will be reduced by 2/3 from the key rate of the Bank of Russia (the existing current key rate of 11% per annum, discount in loan rate is 7.33%). 

You have again the possibility to apply for a loan for up to 3 years to buy a car that cost from RUB 300 thousands to 1 mln, with a down payment of at least 20 percent. The interest rate varies from 8.17% to 11.67%. The commission fee for application consideration, loan servicing and issue is not taken.

Mikhail Chamrov, Head of Retail Products and Marketing Department noted that Rosbank participated in state car-loan subsidy program starting from 2009 and welcomes the program received the state’s support again: “According to experience of previous years, every third car loan in the bank and in the country as a whole are issued using the state program. Reduced rates on car loans will allow us to offer our clients favorable conditions for the purchase of new vehicles, and will effectively support the car market of Russia in the current difficult economic conditions”.


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