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The Blooming City turned into Hydrangea Promenade this year

On May 14, employees of Societe Generale Group in Russia – Rosbank, Rusfinance Bank, Delta Credit, ALD Automotive and Societe Generale Insurance – took part in the Blooming City environmental initiative held for the fourth time in the framework of the Group’s global social initiative – Citizen Commitment Time. This year the employees and their families planted a 150-meter Tardiva Hydrangea avenue in the “Apothecary's Garden” – the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University.

The Blooming City it is not only important environmental initiative keeping our city green but is also a real family day. We are pleased that this year our initiative was supported by more than 300 employees of Societe Generale in Russia with their families. Together we have presented to the “Apothecary's Garden” a picturesque Hydrangea avenue which we hope becomes its perfect decoration”,noted Elena Kojadei, Director of Rosbank Corporate Communications and Advertising Department.

According to landscape architect of the Apothecary's Garden Artem Parshin, Hydrangea promenade is needed as a landscape element for visual demarking between the arboretum and exhibition areas. The blossoms of planted Hydrangea bushes reach 40 cm in length, and the bright creamy-white flowers swaying in the wind as butterflies. By autumn the flowers turn pink, and it will be very impressive! In a couple of years the huge shrubs will reach 3 meters high. Hydrangeas will bloom from July till the first frost. Now it will be even more comfortable in the garden.

The Blooming City initiative has been held by the Russian companies of Societe Generale in Moscow since 2013. During the period of the project’s implementation the Group’s employees have planted in the capital more than 600 trees and shrubs, including lilac bushes and chestnut trees in the South-East district, and apple trees in Nekrasovka district. In 2015 the employees of the Group have decorated the Izmailovsky Park with 1 200 plants of violets.

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