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The art of Europe and America became more accessible

On December 12, 2016 a press-conference was held with participation of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Director Marina Loshak and Rosbank CEO Dmitry Oluynin, who presented the first results of the partnership between the Museum and the bank on development of the Gallery of 19th and 20th century European and American Art.

"Our cooperation is focused on several areas. The first is promotion of the Gallery's collections, in particular collections of the Impressionists. The second is increasing the Museum’s availability for different categories of citizens, we pay special attention to improving access to the arts for disabled people. The third is organization of space in the Museum. Another very important area is support to preserve the collections, the restoration of masterpieces. In the future we plan to develop our interaction in terms of co-joint exhibitions’, Rosbank CEO Dmitry Olyunin commented.

In December 2016 the entrance area of the Gallery has been redesigned: the area of wardrobe was expanded, a clear navigation appeared, information desks were installed, a second cash desk opened, now there is a place for gathering tour groups. A changing table was installed for visitors with infants. Not only the appearance but also the internal arrangement of the Gallery has been changed. It has become more open and convenient for a various people, including disabled people.

Among other examples of partnership between the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and Rosbank are the new audio guide available for downloading for free, inclusive component of the program of the "Fridays in the Pushkin Museum" festival, series of tailored educational videos on permanent exhibition for the deaf and hearing impaired people. The series have already been seen by about 4 000 people, the course has formed the basis of the guide to the permanent exhibition in the Gallery for this category of visitors.

Important steps were made to promote the Gallery’s collection. The "Silver rain" radio station broadcasted series of radio excursions through the halls of the Museum. Educational project Arzamas.Academy has released a new online quiz called "Guess the artist for the piece of the picture", the test was passed by 23 thousand people, and it scored 4 thousand likes in social media. Until the mid-February 2017 on Sadovoe ring, Arbat and Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow the buses will run with reproductions of works of artists-impressionists.


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