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The winners of an all-Russian program of Rosbank and Impact Hub Moscow for social entrepreneurs “NACHNI INACHE” announced

The winners of an all-Russian program of Rosbank and Impact Hub Moscow for social entrepreneurs “NACHNI INACHE” announced

The awarding ceremony for the finalists of an all-Russian program “NACHNI INACHE” was held in Rosbank Head Office. The program was organized by Rosbank and Impact Hub Moscow.

11 social entrepreneurs and NPOs, that help people with disabilities, learned how to run business improved their business models and struggled for the new financial level of their projects for more than two months. During the final event, an expert jury chose the winners of the program, those who achieved better results.

During the first part of the event, every project shared its success story in the program, paying special attention to what they started to do in a different way. It turned out that it is possible to achieve a lot for two months: to launch a new product and to double the team staff. The ones who assessed the results were not only Rosbank and Impact Hub Moscow representatives but also experts in the sphere of inclusion and social engineering – Yulia Zhigulina (“Our future”), Yevgeniya Voskoboynikova (“Rain”), Oksana Chuchunkova (Regional Society of Disabled People “Perspective”) and others.

The guests of the event also had the opportunity to take part in the discussion where well-known experts –Gor Nakhapetyan (“Friends” fund, Skolkovo), Pavel Golikov (Rosbank), Mitya Aleshkovsky (“Takie dela”, Charitable fund “Need help”), Darya Alekseeva (Charitable fund “Second breath” Charity Shop), Vladimir Filippov (the Government of Moscow), Svetlana Nigmatullina (the participant of “NACHNI INACHE”, “Dream journeys” project ), Anastasia Gulyavina (Impact Hub Moscow) discussed the difficulties of a financial sustainability of social projects.

While the jury consulted and determined the winners of the program, Valery Panyushkin, Editor-in-Chief of Rusfund, gave a speech “How not to burn out in the middle of the way and not to overburn after achieving the goal?”

As a result of the jury voting, a children inclusive tutor center “Svetly gorod” from Saint-Petersburg became the winner of the program. Nadezhda Samoylova, the founder of the project, got the main prize of the program – a three-day educational trip to Paris with an individually developed route with attending of theme-related social enterprises to exchange experience and to seek opportunities for collaboration.

“Osobye mastera” project occupied the second place: eight art studios from Verkh-Neyvinsky settlement of Sverdlovsk Region. Oleg Fedchuk, Head of the project, got 200 000 rubles for business development.

The third place is occupied by Maria Grekova and Viktoriya Filyurina from inclusive studios “Prostye veschi” (Saint-Petersburg) with the prize of 150 000 rubles. The essence of the project is that people with disabilities create a high-quality and in-demand product in ceramic, sewing, graphic and cooking workshops with the help of professional masters.

Tatyana Novak, Head of an inclusive studio from Magnitogorsk “Uyutnye veschi”, occupied the unintended 4th place and she will get a special prize. The prize will be announced soon.

« I would like to congratulate all the participants of the program both the winners and the finalists. All of you deal with a very important and really valuable matter for the society. We were glad to see how ideas converted into real financially sustainable businesses, how social entrepreneurs grow professionally during the training, how their brands are developed, and that more new people are interested in social business. It is a real goal of NACHNI INACHE and I think that we succeeded in achieving it. »
Elena Kojadei, Director of Communications and Advertising Department of Rosbank

Ekaterina Khaletskaya, Co-Founder and Executive Director Impact Hub Moscow: “Every year, more bright projects of social entrepreneurship appear and make difference. Our mutual program with Rosbank “NACHNI INACHE” forms a community of venturous people united by the motivation to change society for the better. When we see how energetic, strong and industrious a person can be while facing personal tragedies, illnesses, difficulties and despite this fact, a person sits and works with us, it inspires us to transform. We hope that our program will develop and we will see a lot of talented teams!”

The all-Russian program “NACHI INACHE” was launched by Rosbank in collaboration with Impact Hub Moscow. The main goal of the project is to help organizations that improve lives of disabled people to develop a financially stable business models. 154 applications from the entrepreneurs, who employ disabled people and make goods and services for them, were submitted for 11 positions from 69 cities of Russia.

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