Troika card replenish is available at Rosbank ATMs

Rosbank launched a service of balance replenishment of the transport card Troika in its ATM network. To make replenishment in ATM the customer has to select "Payments" in the menu, then "Other", select "Card Troika", enter the number of the transport card and required amount of money. At the final step you have to confirm data entry and the funds will be transferred to the Troika card. It is possible to activate money on the transport card using information terminals installed at each metro station.

Remote replenishment is available at Rosbank ATMs in Moscow and Moscow district since July 13. "Troika card  also could be replenished via the mobile application ROSBANK Online and the Internet Bank.

We remind you that via ROSBANK Online and the Internet Bank you can also replenish the card Strelka, a unified card for public transport in Moscow district.

To replenish the balance of transport cards in Rosbank Online, you have to select the "Payments" and in the search bar enter type of card "Troika" or "Strelka". To replenish via the Internet bank, you have to select the "Payments and transfers" / "Payment services" / Other (the last line)”.


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