Ulan Ilishkin spoke at the opening of the II International Economic Forum held by Financial University

Ulan Ilishkin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Rosbank, took part in the II International Economic Forum “In Search of the Missing Growth” held by Financial University. In his speech at the Plenary Session of the Forum Mr Ilishkin shared his view of the prospects for the development of the Russian economy, banking sector being its integral part.

The work of the session was conducted by the rector of Financial University Professor Mikhail Eskindarov. An open lecture delivered by a Nobel Prize winner and a well-known contributor to the theory of market design and to experimental economy Alvin Roth made for the finishing touch of the first day of the Forum.

According to a popular belief, the current complicated economic situation is deadlocked. The main purpose of the event was to work out an opportunity to create an efficient model for the industrial development, which will help revive the stable growth of Russian economy.
Among the other participants of the Plenary Session there were the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, the Economic Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship Anatoly Aksakov and other government representatives, as well as major entrepreneurs.


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