Letter from acting CEO to Rosbank clients

Dear clients of Rosbank,

In the current circumstances when legal proceedings are currently underway against two managers of Rosbank we want to reassure you that all business is operating normally at the bank. We are monitoring the development of events and working closely alongside authorities to clarify the situation.

In order to ensure that all business processes continue without interruption and to develop business, I have been appointed by the Board of Directors as acting Chief Executive Officer. I also have an excellent team with me and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that we maintain the highest quality of service to every one of our clients, large and small. Societe Generale Group provides us with full support.

We are fully committed to ensuring a high level of transparency in our business processes and relations with our clients. And at the heart of all aspects of our business activity is an unrelenting commitment to strong business ethics. This commitment applies to the bank as a whole as well as to every one of our employees at every level.

Our client relationship managers at Rosbank’s outlets across all of Russia are as always ready to address any questions you may have.

Sincerely yours,

Igor Antonov
Acting Chief Executive Officer, Rosbank


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