New exhibition opened under Rosbank support

On October 2, "Russia. ХХ Century in Photographs. 1918 - 1940" exhibition was opened at Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM). The exhibition features works by photography masters of the first half of the XXth century, including: Alexander Rodchenko, Arkady Shaikhet, Boris Ignatovitch, Ivan Shagin, Vladislav Mikosha, Mikhail Prekhner, and Georgy Zelma. The images depict a variety of subjects and individuals: Emperor Nikolay II and his family in Tobolsk, civil war, the NEP, Lenin's funeral and the construction of the mausoleum, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Sergei Eisenstein, Mikhail Bulgakov, Bernard Shaw visit to Russia etc.

"Recreating the Russian state photo chronicle of the last century is necessary to identify people with their own past, as well as to acquire values oriented to the future ", MAMM Director Olga Sviblova said at the opening of the exhibition.
The unique multimedia project – "Photoarchivation of Russian History" – was also presented during the event. The project includes a publication of "Russia. XX Century in Pictures" four-volume edition which reflects the atmosphere, life, war and disasters of the past century.

The exhibition runs until November 18.


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