Rosbank and CCI of Russia signed Cooperation Memorandum

Rosbank CEO Vladimir Golubkov and President of RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin signed a Memorandum on Cooperation to make the relations more efficient in the framework of the National “Golden Mercury” Award Entrepreneurs Competition.

The Memorandum is aiming to reach better coordination between territorial CCIs and regional entities of the bank on search and selection of potential participants for the competition.

“Memorandum is a logical step towards development of our cooperation, stated CCI President. – The Chamber of Commerce and Industry consistently supports business. With a special focus to facilitate financing for SMEs Rosbank is developing services for small and medium businesses through the network of outlets all over Russia, using and a wide range of banking instruments. Thus, our common interests are evident”, he added.

Rosbank CEO thanked the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for long-term joint fruitful cooperation on development of financial services for small and medium-size entrepreneurs and enterprises of various sectors of the Russian economy and wished success to the “Golden Mercury” Award Competition 2013 and to other CCI initiatives. 



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