Rosbank and BSGV consolidate corporate divisions

In the framework of consolidation Rosbank and BSGV are creating a joint corporate division. Merging two major financial institutions on the basis of Rosbank is one of the final steps of Societe Generale Russian assets consolidation, which will be completed in July 2011.

The new corporate division will operate a unified customer base that includes more than 7 thousand clients, providing a full range of financial products and services in the area of corporate services. The unit will have strong analytical department and client block, covering all categories of customers: companies from very diversified sectors of the Russian market, financial institutions, multinational companies and regional groups. Existing leasing companies (Rosbank Leasing, BSGV Leasing and SGEF) will also be incorporated into the new structure Rosbank Leasing, which, like factoring, will focus primarily on servicing large corporate clients and SME clients. The combined corporate block will be headed by Deputy CEO of Rosbank Olesya Afanasyeva, and Alexandre Mey, previously Deputy CEO of BSGV/Commercial Director, will become her deputy especially on transformation and consolidation issues, as well as client relationship management.

According to Alexandre Mey, the structure being created will rely on the diversity and richness of corporate cultures and approaches of the two banks, in compliance with standards of Societe Generale in the “client oriented” culture, the formation of the income structure, quality of service and techniques including risk policy. “Nowadays our main task is to retain the clients of both banks, unify and extend the product line, work out an offer on day-to-day banking, lending, treasury and investment services – the one that could strengthen Rosbank’s position as a referential bank among other servicing financial entities. We are going to act systematically, implement a comprehensive approach, using all internal options we have, including the support of our main shareholder Societe Generale group, so that we create and keep solid business relationships with the most stable companies working in the Russian market. – comments Olesya Afanasyeva.

Following the corporate division integration, the clients of both banks will recieve additional benefits. The customers will get access to a wide range of advanced products for business in the international market in the global banking Societe Generale network. At the same time, they will have an opportunity to get high level service in one or several branches or offices in the 3rd largest banking network in Russia. Rosbank emphasizes the high quality service that the bank is ready to deliver to corporate clients in all cities where the bank is present and in all its services, including Internet banking, corporate cards, payroll, etc.


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