Rosbank decreases consumer loan rates

Rosbank decrease rates on “Simple Money” loan program by 1-2%. During the action – from July 8 to October 7, 2011 – bank’s clients can get a consumer loan at a rate starting from 15.9% p.a. in rubles.

Rosbank loan program “Simple Money” lets the client get cash for any urgent needs without pledge, guarantors and target confirmation. No commissions for granting and servicing this loan are taken. The rate is defined individually, according to borrower category, term of loan and type of insurance. While determining maximum amount of financing, bank takes into account the client’s real income. If necessary, the loan can be paid in advance, this option is provided for free.

Best loan conditions are supposed for employees of bank’s corporate clients, in particular with payroll service, and also employees of financially stable or state enterprises.

This action allowing clients to get attractive rates is not the only one in Rosbank. The bank had also announced decreasing rates on express-loans by 1-2% depending on conditions.

“Summer season is traditionally a high demand time for consumer loans, - commented Igor Antonov, First Deputy CEO of Rosbank. – This could be explained by vacations period, when the clients have more free time and make large purchases, organize trips, arrange cottages, etc. For solving these tasks cash is needed that could be unavailable at the right moment. Then consumer loans come to the aid. Easy to take, they let people realize their plans with maximum efficiency. With regards to the increasing demand for consumer loans, we’ve introduced a special campaign giving our clients access to favourable conditions and allowing them to save”. 


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