Rosbank Factoring signed RUB 200 mln Agreement with FUSO KAMAZ

Rosbank Factoring and “FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus” signed the Factoring Agreement. Amount of transaction is about RUB 200 mln, it is planned to increase limit before the year is out.

Within the terms of the agreement Rosbank Factoring will be financing FUSO KAMAZ factoring to the company dealers in different Russian regions. Under the terms of the agreements a company receives the payment right after the delivery and can charge off the accounts receivable. Dealers thereby will be making the payment during the delay. “Financing within the terms of the non-recourse factoring is one of the top-priority products proposed by Rosbank Factoring. This type of factoring gives the whole range of services for the supplier: financing, analysis and inspection of buyers, receivables management, collecting and gathering of the debts, and most important the client gets the protection from the credit risks. Rosbank Factoring is the leader in the non-recourse factoring segment since 2008. This fact as well as the confidence of FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus to Societe Generale Group was the main motive to the conclusion of the agreement. We are happy to cooperate with such a successful company as “FUSO

KAMAZ Trucks Rus”, which has the highly professional management, clear strategy and competent approach to the financial decision making. The factoring agreement will be promoting the development of commercial activity and the increase of the Fuso automobiles realization in Russia”, noticed the Head of Rosbank Factoring Jean-Pascal Peltier.

The joint venture “FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus” is produced by JSC “KAMAZ” and Daimler AG for the production and realization of the Japanese vehicles Mitsubishi Fuso Canter in Russia.


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