Rosbank increased the deposit rates

The rates increased on the whole line of term banking product of deposits, the maximal growth was 2%.

Rosbank offers new opportunities for the clients who use the bank’s savings product. Now the time deposit rate “Specialnij” is 10.8% per annum in rubles placing deposits in the amount not less than RUB 1 mln date from 36 months. This is the highest rate in the bank’s line. The most profitable deposit is still “Etalon Junior+” with the rate 7% per annum and possibility of alleviation or replenishment, keeping the minimal sum of RUB 1000 on the deposit. Its distinctive feature is that it could be open for children under 18 years old.

Opening the deposit every Rosbank depositor gets for free a bank service package “Klassicheskij” for one year (but no longer than the maturity). It includes the current account service, Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard plastic card, access to the Internet bank system, and different discounts on the bank’s related services, for example, safety deposit box rent. Besides if there is another operating deposit in the amount not less than RUB 20 000 / 700 $ / EURO 500 in Rosbank that is to be closed in no less than 3 months, depositor could get a credit card with interest-free crediting period on special terms without credit card management charge, with the interest rate on credit reduced to 2% (up to 20,9-21,9% per annum and 17,9-18,9% per annum in USA dollars/ euro).

“We are always tending towards offering our clients highly competitive products and conditions. The decision to increase the deposit rate proves these principles of our retail policy. Bank’s deposit line allows our clients to manage the savings flexibly, combining the high yield and the convenient savings management. Reliability of our deposit products is guarantied by the participation of the government system of deposit insurance and the membership belonging to the international Societe Generale financial group, which business history lasts for 140 years”, remarks Svetlana Karimova, First Deputy Director of Rosbank Retail Banking Directorate.


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