Rosbank issued a new deposit product for the SME

The advantages of the new fixed deposit “Kaznacheyskij” are the single opportunity of the partial withdrawal of money and high rates.

The product is assigned for the SME companies that want to allocate large amounts on the deposit account and to manage it. Within the framework of this product bank clients get an opportunity of the single withdrawal of money up to RUB 3 mln at the special rate. Minimal amount on deposit is RUB 10 mln or 300 000 dollars or euro. It could be open for a term from 4 days to 3 years, the certain term of this deposit is determined by the client.

Along with that companies could get settlement and cash services on the special terms placing deposits in the amount not less than RUB 300 000 date from 3 months.

The director of the SME Directorate Anatoly Khvostikov comments: “The new deposit “Kaznacheyskij” supplemented the deposit line offers for the SME companies, and it will allow our clients to dispose temporary free funds profitably on the special terms and conditions. Moreover giving the opportunity of the partial withdrawal of money we are orienting on those client who want to manage their funds deposited in accounts on an operational basis, not losing interest on deposit”.


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