Rosbank launched refinancing of consumer and car loans

Using the new refinancing programs, individual customers can pay back consumer or car loans, taken before in other banks and save money due to decrease of monthly payments and overpay.

An obligatory condition for granting the refinancing loan is its fair repayment. The decision on granting the loan is made by Rosbank in two days.

The refinancing programs enable the borrower to pay back one or several loans taken before in other banks with a possibility of simultaneous repayment. Moreover, the bank can refinance both purpose (except mortgage and car loans) and non-purpose loans (including credit cards and overdrafts).

For car loans repayment Rosbank has developed a refinancing program due to which the customer is able to refinance the car loan in the total amount up to RUB 1.5 mln.

“Refinancing is a quite demanded product on the market, as it enables the customers to decrease payments on the earlier taken loans. After the launch of the new program Rosbank customers are able to pay back any retail loan – from credit card to mortgage”, comments Rosbank Director of Marketing and Banking Products Department Dmitry Ischenko.

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