Rosbank Leasing went into business with Government Budgetary Institution “Small Business of Moscow”

Rosbank Leasing and the Budgetary Institution “Small Business of Moscow” signed a cooperation agreement for the purpose of execution SME companies financial support project.

According to the terms of agreement the companies that have concluded a leasing agreement with Rosbank Leasing will be able to get subsidies from the Government Budgetary Institution “Small Business of Moscow” in the amount of RUB 5 mln, what will compensate to 30% of the leasing item cost excluding VAT. The priority is given to the companies that conclude a fixed asset acquisition leasing agreement for no less than 3 years (excluding light automotive transport). An additional advantage would be companies’ business in the following spheres: production, innovations, housing and utilities infrastructure, social sphere (working with children, pensioner and invalids), education, public health service, physical culture and sport, traffic, inner tourism, hotel services, public services, handicraft, agriculture and improvement of the territories. “Leasing for the Small Business”, the joint product of Rosbank Leasing and Rosbank, gives an opportunity to obtain commercial and freight transportation, building and special equipments and facilities.

“Leasing is rightfully considered one of the most convenient financing facilities of the small business permanent assets. An opportunity to get the beneficial compensation stimulates companies to use leasing instruments for their business development more actively”, commented Andrey Frolov, Deputy Director General of Rosbank Leasing.


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