Rosbank Presents New Brand

On April 13, 2011, at a press conference, Rosbank CEO Vladimir Golubkov and First Deputy President Marc-Emmanuel Vives presented the new brand of the joint Rosbank. The event was held in the future head quarters of the new Rosbank. Representatives of the major socio-political and business media were invited to the press conference. Following the event 68 messages appeared in press, on TV and radio.

The rebranding is carried out in the framework of Societe Generale Russian assets consolidation. This process will be realized in phases during 2011-2012. After the legal merger of Rosbank and BSGV the new Rosbank will completely switch to the new identity.

The new Rosbank will use the corporate identity of Societe Generale Group. The logo will consist of red&black square and ‘Rosbank’ name. ‘Societe Generale Group’ signature will be an integral part of the new trademark showing the belonging to the group.   


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