Rosbank supported the exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes

The exhibition “Portrait/Landscape: Genre Boundaries” from the collection of the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Museum of Fine Arts) in Nantes was opened in Moscow.

On August 23, the exhibition “Portrait/Landscape: Genre Boundaries” was opened in the National Center for Contemporary Art and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The exhibits are provided by the Museum of Fine Arts, Nantes, France. The exhibition runs till October 21.

It is organized with the support of Rosbank, part of international financial group Societe Generale. The main area of the Group’s sponsorship policy is associated with contemporary art. For many years, Societe Generale pays great attention to this field. This interest is reflected in the creation of its own collection.

At the opening ceremony, the Deputy General Director of Rosbank François Bloch stated: “This French-Russian initiative is a bright example illustrating Russia-France relationships. A long-lasting history of cooperation and mutual respect between two countries is reflected in every aspect of our life, in business, culture and contemporary art in particular.

The exhibition topic - “transformation” is in tune with one of the main issues currently discussed in the banking world. The last 5 years have proved the necessity of global changes in both business-model of financial sector and the global role of banks in the economy and society. No doubt, the exhibition will become a remarkable event in cultural life of Moscow and attract many viewers”.


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