Ulan Ilishkin was appointed Deputy Chairman of Rosbank

Ulan Ilishkin was appointed Deputy Chairman of Rosbank. Ulan Ilishkin has 3 higher educations: he graduated from Moscow State Technical university named after Bauman, Finance Academy under the Government of Russian Federation with a specialization in Finance & Credit; and he also has a diploma of Open University of Great Britain and MBA degree. He speaks three foreign languages: English, French and Japanese. Ulan Ilishkin started his career in 1984 as an engineer in the development laboratory of “Energy” scientific and production company. Then he specialized in foreign trade operations as a Deputy Chairman of Infocom closed JSC. He started his banking career in 1997, and a year later he joined Rosbank. In 2000 Ulan was appointed head of Corporate Customer Relations Division of Rosbank, and then he was appointed Head of Corporate Customer Relations Department, where his major responsibilities were attraction and provision of services to corporate customers. He contributed to the implementation of structured approach in rendering services to corporate customers and diversification of Bank corporate product line. From 2004 till 2006 Ulan Ilishkin was the Director of Regional Network Department: he was in charge of network consolidation of Rosbank and “OVK” Banks, development of branch network strategy of the united Bank, reorganization of network management system. In 2006 he was appointed head of Administration Department, and starting from 2008 he is HR Director of Rosbank. As a Deputy Chairman Ulan Ilishkin will be in charge of human resourses and organizational development. Married, has three children. He devotes his free time to his family, his hobbies include photography and mountain skis, he also takes interest in oriental martial arts and painting.
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