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12 December 2014

Notice of change of name

01 August 2014

1987: privatisation of Societe Generale

On 27 June 1987, 100% of the Group's capital was floated on the stock market, thus allowing the general public to subscribe and become shareholders. It was a milestone in the Group's privatisation.

03 July 2014

Societe Generale in Brazil: from 1867 to 2013

Societe Generale has a long history in Brazil. As early as 1867, only three years after the Bank was founded, it was already subscribing to bonds issued by the government of the emperor Don Pedro II.

19 June 2014

Albert Winter, a young porter in London

At the age of 14, Albert Winter joined the Group as a porter. This was in London, in 1912. We take a look at an endearing figure in a job that no longer exists in the banking world.

09 June 2014

Pauline Mondange, a woman of conviction

Spring 1917. The war was bogged down in a bloody stalemate. Pauline Mondange, a young shorthand typist, emerged from obscurity to become the voice of Societe Generale's female employees. Here's a look at an iconic figure.

20 May 2014

From the beginning: a history of entrepreneurial bankers

One hundred and fifty years ago, Napoleon III signed Societe Generale's founding decree. In order to serve the economy, its founders made entrepreneurial spirit the bank's raison d'être. Let's take a look back at the Group's beginnings.

17 March 2014

Societe Generale and the Eiffel Tower

Many people are unaware that Societe Generale helped finance the Eiffel Tower. At the end of the 19th century, the bank was already a modern and ambitious company eager to support the great projects of its time.

17 March 2014

90 years of employee training at Societe Generale

Training was introduced at Societe Generale in 1921 and was long considered to be the best in the financial market. It is a real trademark of the company.

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