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26 February 2018

Rosbank «Sverkhkarta+» headed the rating of the most profitable cards with cashback!

BankInformService news agency created a ranking of debit cards with the best offers on cashback in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region

22 February 2018

Up to date. We received two digital communications awards

On February, 20th, Digital Communications Awards – 2018 awarding ceremony was held. Rosbank won two awards in the nominations «Digital-media and tools» and «Digital projects and strategies»

21 February 2018

Rosbank organized a ruble bond placement of JSC “Novaya Perevozochnaya Kompaniya” of PBO-01 series with an interest rate of 7,25% for 5 years. The demand on bonds exceeded 27 billion rubles

On February, 20th, JSC “ Novaya Perevozochnaya Kompaniya”, a subsidiary of Globaltrans Investment PLC successfully carried out a bond placement of total nominal cost of 5 billion rubles

19 February 2018

Rosbank increased a deposit portfolio of small business by 43% in 2017

As a result of 2017, Rosbank business direction of small business showed growth of all the key rates.

15 February 2018

According to the results of 2017, Rosbank showed growth in all the business directions in Tatarstan

In 2017 loan document portfolio of large corporate clients of Rosbank in Tatarstan Republic exceeded the rates of 2016 by 32% and amounted 6,6 billion rubles

15 February 2018

The amount of deals on trade finance of Rosbank in 2017 exceeded 170 billion rubles

During 2017 Rosbank realized new deals with corporate clients on a total sum of more than 170 billion rubles.

14 February 2018

Tatyana Pernikova was appointed Director of territorial office of Rosbank in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Tatyana Pernikova was appointed Director of operational office “Territorial office Kamchatsky” of Far-East Branch of Rosbank.

14 February 2018

We continue to reduce interest rates for small business clients

From February, 14, Rosbank reduces interest rates once again for all the loan lines for small business.

13 February 2018

We are at our best again! Rosbank got “Bank of the Year” award for the best PR-campaign

On February 9th held an awarding ceremony for the winners of “Bank of the Year-2017” award. Rosbank became a laureate of the award winning in the nomination “PR-campaign of the Year”

12 February 2018

Vivid prospects: Rosbank and Siberian Federal University expand partnership

Rosbank and Siberian Federal University (SFU), one of the largest universities of the country, signed the partnership agreement

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