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27 April 2018

ACRA confirmed the highest credit rating of Societe Generale banking group in Russia

Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) confirmed the highest credit rating on AAA (RU) level of Societe Generale banking group in Russia

26 April 2018

Rosbank opened three credit lines for Far-Eastern Generating Company with total sum of 4,2 billion rubles

In April 2018 Rosbank opened three revolving credit lines with total limit of 4,2 billion rubles for JSC “Far-Eastern Generating Company”

23 April 2018

Perizat Shaikhina appointed as head of corporate block in Rosbank

Perizat Shaikhina is appointed as head of the corporate block of Rosbank

17 April 2018

Igor Shklyar appointed to the position of Director of the Department for the Development of Non-digital Channels of Sales and Services of Rosbank

Igor Shklyar headed the newly established Department for the development of non-digital channels of sales and services of Rosbank

13 April 2018

Increased interest rate for US dollar deposits in Rosbank

Rosbank offers attractive interest rates in US dollars for all the deposits

13 April 2018

Rosbank summed up the results of the VIP-service business direction in 2017

In 2017 Rosbank VIP-service business direction got its own name – Rosbank L’Hermitage Private Banking

11 April 2018

Daler Okhunov was appointed Director of territorial office “Podmoskovny”

The main strategic goal for the new Director is to strengthen Rosbank retail business positions in the region

10 April 2018

Rosbank summed up the results of depositary business for 2017

In 2017 Rosbank Depository (Societe Generale Securities Services) attracted for service a number of largest international and local clients and this way it stimulated a significant growth of client assets and transactions

10 April 2018

Rosbank supported Russian-Chinese partnership

The 7th International conference “Russia-China: main trends of financial relations-2018” took place in the Moscow Exchange building

05 April 2018

Rosbank continues to reduce loan interest rates for small business

Rosbank reduced loan interest rates for small business for the second time in 2018.

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