The official app
Account management, payments and transfers, opening of deposits and repayment of loans, information on bills and cards. For registration, you need a bank card and a mobile phone.
Corporate Entities
The system allows you to independently monitor the status of your accounts in real time, make payments and use other banking products.


For us, the team spirit is not only the ability to work in a team, but also to learn best practices from our colleagues, train and support those who need it.
An integral process of our work. Having the opportunity to use the accumulated knowledge, experience, expertise of Societe Generale, we take on new approaches in work, we improve technologies.
One of the main values of Rosbank, which is integrated into all processes. We provide a creative approach to any task and stand guard over the interests of customers.
We are reliable and responsible, in any situation we will support our colleagues and prompt an optimal solution for customers.

"Fine tuning" to the values of the audience allows us to win the loyalty of new customers and increase the loyalty of those who already use the services of the bank.

Values is not an abstract concept, behind it there is a lot of work to study opinions, preferences, reactions, stereotypes of users of financial services.

We use something that is close to our audience, something that they especially need when communicating with the bank's employees. We train employees so that they try to satisfy all the financial needs of our customers.

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